I got this link from my sensei classifying our company business model as the Ramen Profitable. Rather funny name. So now we're noodle shop guys. lol

On the side note, I've just managed to get two PC linked together and entering the game. No game syncing yet. That's to be done after this. :)

While getting this done, I implemented a system I called delayed sync messaging. This system basically utilizes the time sync method I mentioned here. The concept behind this system is so that one can accurately synchronize a particular event that needs accurate triggering. For example, the beginning of the race, count down should be as synchronized as possible so client don't get a laggy start.

When dealing with this type of events, the only caveat is that the server side also have to synchronize with the client side. This means that the event has to be delayed as much as possible as such that all clients will get the request before it is triggered.

In a LAN environment, this usually isn't much of a problem because the ping rate is rather high; less than 1ms to 10ms. However, in the Internet scale, latency can go as high as 500ms to 1500ms or more. In that situation, time syncing becomes a necessity to accurately identify the server time.

I haven't really tested the time syncing algo I've implemented in the Internet environment yet. However, in theory, it shouldn't go wrong.. I hope... :-P

Sneak Peak:

Don't mind the UI. It's just programmer art to keep me going. ;-)
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Ah.. time sure flies. Just to update, I had been busy putting a working network prototype together.

While doing so, I've also did some research on scripting to ease up game logic coding later. I was thinking of using V8 at the beginning. However after digging it through, I realised that it was designed to only run on a single thread (Google Chrome is designed as a multiprocess app instead of multithreaded app). So in the end, I'm back to square one of using Angel Script. It looked like it has evolved since my last use for it when I was still in my previous game company.

P.S. I did look at spidermonkey too. But getting from their source tree is a little troublesome with my ever so crappy always disconnect ISP. So I dropped it. Mercurial really sucks without the auto resume feature.
Posted by Lf3T-Hn4D
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