Over the past week I've been doing a major surgery on the core Solid State Engine to restructure our physics data format especially on the batching front. Due to the requirement of invisible physics meshes for certain simulations in Aftershock, I had to fix this long overdue feature. Previously, batched meshes from our editor are forced to be static physics meshes thus allowing us to do precise world collision. However, there are times when we don't require such precision or when we want an invisible wall to keep things within a boundary.

Being so, I've redesigned the internal batching architecture to take into consideration of invisible physics meshes. To improve efficiency, I made a new file format to define physics meshes which can both be exported from Blender3D or from our world editor.

After all said and done, a major surgery can be quite an issue. Unexpected bugs started to emerge all over the place. I've probably fixed about 20+ of them already. There's still some more to go at the moment. At any rate, with this new change, our fellow artists will need to reexport their prefabs to the new format. Fortunately scene structure still remains the same. So it's not too big a deal. On the plus side, we get a much more well defined physics system and a more efficient file format. In the process, I've also removed the need of physics definition files for visible static meshes. This will cut down a massive load of unnecessary files which would lower our level file size! Yeay!

Ok. Back to debugging and get this work ASAP. Major surgery sucks. *_*
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Updated the grapple machine with 2 rotating rings.

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Very early weapons FX test for the disruptor weapon.

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