Track node editor has finally been completed with ability to define checkpoints for race route. I did a real world test with our first level and successfully defined the whole track without any issues. :D Yay! It's a bit cumbersome to use though since we don't have a proper UI. Our level editor as of now truly requires a pro. lol.

Anyways, for some eye candy shot to please our fans, here it is :D
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Just changed our direct facebook URL to:
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The name speaks for itself.

includes: parallax mapping+animated glowy parts.

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of the ship interior this time with a work in progress racing track:

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While waiting for my code to compile, I started thinking how we want to do re-spawn effect. Blinking the player craft directly into the track is downright ugly. Hence, I thought having some teleporting effect would be cool.

Here's what I got after a few minutes of hacking into our already crazily mega shader.

Imagine that + some particle effects. :D However, it'll still take a while before I actually get this into the game. I need to work on an effects system to easily apply custom effects to the scene.
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Over the week I've been working on a very important feature; Track system. The need for this system was due to requirements of a racing game. In a racing title, we need to know if our player craft is inside or outside of the track. We also need to know how to respawn back into the track. Last but not least, we need to have a way to know if a player has finished a lap.

Thus the track system come into place. With a way to define tracks, all of these will be possible. What's even cooler is the ability to give a good estimate of how long a track level is. :)

However, the problem lies in defining the track. Because it's impossible to do it outside by text file, we need an editor to lay our tracks. This turned out to be quite a pain in the ass to implement. In fact it's more complex than prefab placement since we need to link tracks together to form a track chain.

Anyways, I've finally got a usable editor tool in our world editor.

Here's a screen shot of this WIP track edit mode:

Ignore the lighting. The main point is the track. Obviously lighting is just default crap since I created a new level just to test this in a quick manner.

P.S. For those who are wondering, I'm using cubic bezier curves for each path segment. Thanks to my bro, we've got quite an advanced bezier curve functions like getting arc length, finding closest point on path and splitting a set of points evenly along the path. Trust me it's no easy feat. Requires lots of integration maths and Newtonian Interpolation. That plus our rusty math, this took us almost two days to figure out. :P
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Must watch for indies looking to go the digital distribution route.

Digital Distribution Summit - Sandra Sdraulig Opening & David Edery Keynote from Digital Distribution Summit on Vimeo.

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Finally about time. Read the article here.
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Here's an update on how the ship interior looks like within the level editor plus detail maps with some test lights. no ambient occlusion map yet though as the model is not fully completed yet. Lighting will be further tweaked when the entire track is set up and finalized.

update: 10/10/09 Tweaked the lighting abit for more contrast in the scene to make the middle part of the track stand out more plus added colored specularity maps.

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Here's a rough lighting idea for this part of the track to convey the feeling of a dark and dank environment. Image rendered in Blender3D. Will be destroying parts of the interior later on.

mini update (6/10/2009):

Started destroying parts of the ship's interior. Will be working on the racing track soon.

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