Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 8:56 AM |  
I got background threading working and it's working mightily well for paging geometry's batching. With it, I no longer get the annoying periodic jerks that happens whenever a page gets batched in to view.

I've also added an option to dynamically tweak the "density" of the paging geometries so that lower end machines can have less details as necessary. :)

Also to improve performance due to fillrate issues, I've made grass shader's shadow receiving technique pervertex instead of perpixel. This means only cards that supports vertex texture fetch will work. I wonder how many ATI cards I just killed. Hmmm... will need checking.

Henceforth, mission success! Very happy and proud of myself :P Now, back to refraction technique. Then after that to do the most important thing; Network, Script and Game logic!
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