I've got the basics of event trigger to script working. With this, we can now easily trigger AngelScript code from our C++ event delegate system transparently. However, due to the requirement of knowing about the existence of AngelScript component, C++ events would need to use a specially subclassed scriptable event object. But aside from that, triggering of events from C++ does not need to know about the script bound delegates. This is a big plus to our engine as it means we can fully utilize scripts for in game logic base on event triggers.

Out side of the coding development, I had a bad situation yesterday. For some odd reason, my house's power went nuts leaving all the power points malfunctioning for a few hours. Oddly enough, after trying in vain to go out to look for help, I come back to find it working again. But two things went wrong after that. Firstly, my computer went bonkers with the display flickering and goes black every time I logged in. Secondly, the switch hub I'm using died.

It took me the whole night trying to figure out what's wrong with my computer. Trying to find the culprit was a pain in the ass. Had to switch to safemode and normal mode alternately for a bazillion times. x_x Thankfully it wasn't any hardware issues. After downloading a new display driver, it got working again. Sheesh, talk about weirdness. But now I can't connect it to the internet since the switch died on me.

Ah well, sigh... wasted a day's worth of work. I need to go get a new switch. Yet another unexpected cost of indie game development. !@$!@$!@#%!
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