Been busy building more track varieties and adding new lighting solutions for our next level where there will be no sun light to light up the scene. Next step would be adding lightmap for smaller light sources whereby majority of the scene lighting will be lit up using real time lighting.

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Hi guys, just wondering if you guys could help out our friend, Christopher Rick, Editor in Chief for Gamers Daily News ( win the business grant from Intuit to help grow Gamers Daily News which helps and features indie developers such as ourselves here at Liquid Rock Games.

All you need to do is log in and vote for the article below:

All help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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And there was lights:

Yep, that's our new quick addition to our wonderfully already hyper complex shaders. Not everything receives them lights yet though. Right now, only solid phong objects receives lights.

It's a per pass lighting system though. So it's not very efficient. I wish I could do deferred shading. Sigh...

Ah well, whatever. Better get this done fast and continue on my network coding.
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Just created our own official youtube channel for Liquid Rock Games. All future vids will be posted here.

Liquid Rock Games Youtube Channel

So dont forget to visit and subscribe today !

Also an updated vid of the first track environment. The next video will feature gameplay elements.
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