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When we first started, we knew we needed a good development pipeline. First there must be a distinction between the art and the tech. The whole idea was to push for efficiency as we don't have anybody to cover up for us. This is where tools come in. We needed tools where art can be exported, placed, previewed and tested without the interference of the programmer.

With that said, we knew damn straight we need a level editor. This was a good decision even though it was quite a difficult task. The good part is that I know we needed one, so when coding the core game engine, all design were done with having an editor in mind. However I knew that it's impossible for me to come up with a full fledged editor with great GUI in a short time. This is where I think Blender3D really saved my ass. I basically made the editor with keyboard short-cut interface like how Blender3D does it. Yes very unfriendly, but hey, it worked. :P

But one big mistake we made the first time was (as Yap said in the previous post), to design the whole level in blender, then chunk it up into pieces for placement in the level editor. Boy that was seriously crazy. Good thing we switched to a prefab placing one. :)
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