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Great gawd! How time flies. It has been like what 9 months since we've started serious production work on Project Aftershock? Since May 2008. Being a couple of indies (Pang Lih-Hern-Programmer and Yap Chun Fei-Artist) with no money to start and fueled with only a burning desire to work on something cool. Project Aftershock was conceived. Not only was it a cool racing game idea which we think is achievable (afterall how hard could this be its only a racing game right?btw-the game's original production timeline was supposed to be 12 months and 9 months on we're still not done with the first track :P) , this game would also be a stepping stone for our little indie company's goal of producing 3D action games inspired by great companies like Epic or id software or valve software.

And in order to achieve that goal without huge budgets, we had to bootstrap our production pipelines and opted to go open source from using Ogre3d as our rendering engine and built the very first prototype of our level editor, Blender3d as our 3d modelling package and GIMP for 2D image manipulation.

Not an easy task unlearning all your skills gained from years of using commercial packages such as 3ds max and Photoshop and learning Blender3d (not recommended for the faint of heart). But I guess it was a necessary adjustment we had to take.
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seth said...
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c0d3::M0nk3y said...

Hey mates, how can I contact you? Don't you have some kinda contact mail so I can talk to you guys?

April 23, 2009 at 6:53 AM  

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