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Woo hoo! I got it working. :D The editing part is done. You can now add/remove them grass and pebbles. Adding other custom brushes is easy too. And if there needs different fading out options, one can create multiple layers of paging geom detail.

However right now, the current version only support simple batching. It doesn't deal with the grass plains feature. This means that we have to use this as sparingly as possible as it's not cheap. Though significantly cheaper compared to the static batched geometry.

I'm planning to add another type of paging geom type that specializes on grass plains. That one requires more complex UI as there will be a need to use a heightmap. It also have some limitation which I won't talk about for now.

Next is to get this damn thing to save and load. After that, I can let Yap do the thing that he does to beautify the level. As it is now, the programmer grass art is really spoiling the level. lol
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